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Orchestra Uncovered

Orchestra Uncovered is a behind the scenes look at the magic of the orchestra.

These podcasts are for everyone from novice to aficionado.  The Orchestra Uncovered podcasts reflect my over 30 years of experiences, observations, and critical decisions as an orchestral conductor. Together with my interviewees we will explore aspects of orchestral music making far beyond what you might find in any text. For more info about the orchestra click Pacific Chamber Orchestra


Enjoy this interview with superstar violinist Livia Sohn on Bruch’s Violin Concerto #1 in g minor, her approach to music and the meaning of classical music for all ages and into our communities.


Non-profits Uncovered

Non-profits Uncovered is a behind the scenes examination of the unique challenges non-profits overcome to thrive.

Enjoy this podcast interview with Susan Garell, a past president of the Lamorinda Arts Council.  We discuss two challenges: 1) the attraction and traps of cooperative fundraising events  2) how to bring about leadership change when the leader needs to step back and there is no new leader in sight. Susan is a video creator and storyteller for businesses and nonprofits, specializing in the arts.  Click Susan Garell Videos for her website.




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